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Year 10 Day 284 16:53
Gideon Stargazer

While planning a cluster of Space Stations the question came up whether the Stations would block each others line of fire.

Is there any way to determine this?


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Year 10 Day 284 18:42
No exact rules of combat are known at this time.


Year 10 Day 284 19:01
We could speculate, if it's owned by the same faction/player, yes it would.


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Year 10 Day 284 19:09
We could also speculate that no it wouldn't.
As was stated before, without combat rules, it's nearly impossible to say.

Year 10 Day 285 1:33
Ezrakh Rhuk

It is speculative but the visual indication on our screens is not a true representation of their size. They range from 250-400,000m in length which is much smaller then the “block” they occupy.

If we think about our solar system, the minimum distance of Mercury from our Sun is 46 million km, if we even take that as a whole system distance of 20 blocks across that makes the blocks at least 2.3 million km across. This is much greater then the biggest station (Centrepoint) so the probability of a hit should be - in my opinion - representative of that unless we are going to have data to represent how close to the spacestation the firing line to the target is and the accuracy of the weapon system.

I don’t think that will be sensible within the confines of the combine system. Therefore it should be a possibility but a minuscule one at that; almost to the point of not being worth the coding and development time.

However as previously stated this is speculative, but using sense.

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Year 10 Day 285 8:33
Kendall Holm

I will make it easy on you .... each square in the Combines systems is exactly 1 square AU (from the Rules Page)


Year 10 Day 285 13:34
Ezrakh Rhuk

Thank you, for that extenuates my point.

N.B. We won’t even mention the irregularities regarding the physics as they are so common in this genre.

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Year 10 Day 286 15:42
The point is, nobody knows which Ryaol ably answered to the original question two days ago.

All the rest of the discussion is off the topic and generally pointless. Cut it out.


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