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Archives » How to let a NPC pilot your ship
Year 10 Day 288 8:05
How to let a NPC pilot your ship

Year 10 Day 288 9:11
If you check the NPC rules topic sections 1 and 1.2 outline how a group of twelve ships or vehicles of certain types can be piloted as a 'squadron'. This is more like 'slaved' pilot mode since no real NPC pilots are currently required.

Year 10 Day 288 9:45
Unfortunately I don't think the rules actually tells you how to do it.

Make sure all the ships are of a type that can be NPC-piloted. Then, set yourself as pilot of the ships and enter the cockpit of one of them that you want to fly. Then, go to "Manage Piloted Ships" and select the other ships of the squadron, and tell them to "Set NPC Controlled". Then they should fly in formation with you.

From memory I'm pretty sure that's right, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Year 10 Day 288 13:22
It's "Set Controller" now, Mikel, with radio buttons for NPC or unmanned.


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