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Archives » Problem with CPM account * need advice*
Rayos Saree

No one i have asked anywhere else knew the ansewer but due to the recent server change i cant access my account. I have tried recovering my password but it says my email and handle do not exist on the site. If anyone else had this problem and got it fixed please tell me how.


"Possible Downtime: The move to the new server is now complete, all bugs it caused should also have been fixed. Please report any more bugs you find to Togan Jano."


Governor Yoshi Hikaru
Governor of Pypin System
Rayos Saree

Still waiting on that. Just seeing if anyone else had that problem and if they fixed it or not,


CPM has 0 (zero), repeat no official affiliation with the Combine. Have you tried asking on their forums, or DMing or emailing Togan?

Rayos Saree

I mailed Togan but if i remember correctly i need my account to be loged in to access the forums.


No, just wait like everyone else when you DM him. He is the sole owner and CM to have that host.


Rayos Saree

I am being patient. I am not rushing it. Just seeing as i mentioned beofre if others had this problem.


By the way, the CPM account and forum accounts are 2 separate things - having one does not give you the other.


Year 10 Day 292 0:32
Problem solved, I sent him his account information and a new password again.