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Year 10 Day 292 5:02
I try to register this game but this site do not accept my registeration.Why? I use internet from a internet cafe & I'm from Myanmar.May be there is one or more ppl register this game before me.I can't know who they are.I want to play this game.what should I do.Pls advice me. It is show like this

Membership application failed!
The Handle you pro vided does not match our rules requirements. Make sure it has a last name.
It is highly recommended that you read The Character Creation Rules
Please go [back] to fix it up.

Although I fill all requirement name ,real name,DoB,region etc...

Year 10 Day 292 8:19
What was the Handle you tried to apply with?


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Year 10 Day 292 8:20
That message indicates that the handle you chose was not deemed suitable. By the sounds of it, you only put in one name rather than the 2-4 that is required. Have a look through the name rules page.


Year 10 Day 298 6:08
I did .I put a nae with more than 5 letter.But I don't understand what the handle mean in this game.

Year 10 Day 298 6:49
A handle is your characters name, and is also used to log in. Unlike many other online games, SWC won't allow you to choose silly names, only names you might see as you talk to people in RL.

ANd before you say something, there are several players that have names that don't fit in but thats because they are older players from before when the rules were implemented.