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Year 10 Day 295 13:43
It's widely assumed that in space combat, heavy lasers, ion cannons, and concussion missiles will be mostly useful against fighters and freighters. And that turbolasers, ion batteries, and proton torpedoes will mostly be useful against capital ships.

Now, what about on vehicles? Which weapons will be best against infantry and which against ships and other vehicles?

I'm assuming that light, medium, and heavy blasters are good for infantry, and that concussion missile launchers, medium lasers, and heavy lasers are good for vehicles and ships. Is this a probable outcome?

Year 10 Day 295 13:50
I think you summed it up best with "it's widely assumed" about space combat. Because as it stands right now nothing is effective against anything, and your question is merely asking others to speculate about what they think might happen.
No one can answer your question because there is no answer.

Year 10 Day 295 13:56
...your question is merely asking others to speculate about what they think might happen.

- "Arch Terkan"
Exactly, I want your speculation.

Year 10 Day 295 16:07
Why speculate, when we really have no information to work with. As it stands, anything may be possible.

Year 10 Day 295 18:23
I speculate that everyone will ram their ships into Philip's vehicle of choice, come combat. Of course we don't know yet, but its good to speculate huh?


Year 10 Day 295 20:21
Oh god don't give him a reason to tell us his "plan" again.

Year 10 Day 296 10:10

That would never happen, I'd see you from light years away with my 8 sensors, then I'd make the leap to hyperspace!!! Hahaha!

Year 10 Day 296 11:51
You're not gonna get far in hyper in any vehicles...

Year 10 Day 296 12:18
Rayos Saree

I have a few rocks. What does that beat, lol.


Year 10 Day 296 12:22
I believe Tuural was referring to my space combat plan, which involves fleeing when my PLY-3000's eight sensors detect a threat (and is the one talked about in the combat threads in the general talk section). My land combat plan is totally different, and hasn't been mentioned in any forum thread except this one.

Year 10 Day 296 12:28
You're not gonna get far in hyper in any vehicles... 

...Lighten up I was joking.

Year 10 Day 296 15:53
Rayos, rock beats scissor. Better run when I come after you with paper.


"I like Justin Beiber Mash-Up's the best" is what I keep telling myself.

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Year 10 Day 296 20:23
And all of you better run when I come after you with my PLY-3000!

I guess I'm not going to get an answer, so you can close this now.

Year 10 Day 297 10:53
Christian Hall

I'd say if a weapon on a Vehicle/ship can damage another ship/vehicle it will one hit kill a person outside a ship/vehicle.