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Year 10 Day 295 13:47
I met a newbie who is now my friend, and he swears that some of the ship's stats are changing. Is this true or not?

And if so, which ships? And what were they changed to, and from what?

Year 10 Day 296 10:17
Rumors like this circulate every now and then. When it comes to changes of things in the database (ie, ships, etc), I wouldn't rely too much on rumor until you see it officially mentioned in a Sim News post.

Year 10 Day 296 12:27
Xavze Zavan

Why would believe a "newbie" on something as large as this would be?


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?
Year 10 Day 296 18:09
The only recent change I can think of is the changing of the number of escape pods on the YT-2400, as in the SimNews. Since that has zero effect on the game at the moment, its nothing to worry about.


Year 10 Day 297 10:57
Canonizing the canon ships has been discussed many, many times over the years. Sometimes the project gets very close to completion but not implemented, other times it rarely gets past the discussion stage.

I still remember when the JumpMasters and Aggressors were changed from fighters (and two of the more popular fighter classes at that. Even the Empire had squadrons of them) to freighters. The Admins gave players a chance to trade them in for either generic types or (depending on the faction) faction-specific types.