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Archives » Cannot access station command room
Year 10 Day 295 20:52
Elia Draven

I do have the privileges to access the command room controls of a certain space station. However, every time I attempt to access the command room controls (by the way, the button doesn't appear when I enter the command room, only when I refresh the page after entering) I get this message: "In an uncharacteristic lapse of memory you look around and realize you are no longer in the cockpit, and must return to access the controls."

I'm not sure what that means.

I've tried clearing my cache, exiting and reentering the station, and refreshing the page. None of it seems to work.


And from reading other questions, the most common response is "use Firefox". So, I just thought I'd make the note: I use the most updated version of Firefox.

Thank you in advance.


A damn good pilot.
Year 10 Day 295 22:27
I've been seeing that message a lot when I leave the cockpit of a ship and the link doesn't disappear. If you're assigned as operator and you're in the command room, you shouldn't be seeing it. You might want to look at the Bug Base and see if there's a report, and file one if there isn't.


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Year 10 Day 295 22:43
Elia Draven

Danka. I shall do so.


A damn good pilot.