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Year 10 Day 296 6:19
Who in the world is Relm? http://www.swcombine.com/profiles/ Search "Relm" How does he be a Yoda species?!

Year 10 Day 296 7:20
Coleman Rendar

Now that is interesting, most likely an asim I would guess


Year 10 Day 296 7:39
Nope. The Admins changes his race back near the beginning of SWC or something as a reward for something he did I believe.


Year 10 Day 296 13:46
Relm was the first non-NPC Jedi Master in the game (the first was a NPC controlled by former Emperor Piett, also the first Sith).

As a reward for his accomplishment, he was allowed to be changed into Yoda's nameless species (No, it's not the Whill).

The Chiss race used to be a similar "reward" species.


Year 10 Day 296 13:51
Sephiroth Rhapsodos

I think it's a shame so many things are gone now that used to be good. the admin/red scenarios for instance...i know they're not as practical with the darkness system, but they were a great idea. a good balance of risk/reward. though i never saw them done... and now rewards for certain achievements in-game... it's just all good stuff that's gone now. What equivalents are there now if any that i can work towards?



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Year 10 Day 296 13:59
Red scenarios were horribly flawed and imbalanced. How can you praise them if you never saw them?

As for Relm, and the original "chiss" player, all that happened was someone ran a database query to change the text that was in their race field.


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Year 10 Day 296 14:02
Cool, thanks, just curious.

Year 10 Day 296 14:15
Sephiroth Rhapsodos

Maybe i just heard all the best bits, or the potential for death was played down. I don't know. But i did like the sound of a reward system for rping and things. For me at least the rp is an important part of this game and something i'm looking forward to, maybe not for everybody though. And i thought it was like a unique thing with his own force probability (not that it would've mattered of course at his point) and other things. Thanks for the clarifying though.



Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit!