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Year 10 Day 296 8:53
Lance Irons

Dear Admin's,

My vehicle:

2-Swoop 4802
ID# 4802
DOM: Y-1 D365

Should be located in facility:

Docked in Facility: Facility Fardigof Landing Bay (ID: 15482)
Sector: Xappyh
System: Munto Codru (460, 240)

I managed to go to the facility and have access to it, however, once inside I cannot see, let alone enter, the vehicle. I did put myself on the crewlist of my vehicle and made myself commander so I should be able to see and enter it.

Is there a bug, or did I do something wrong or am I missing something? I have been absent from the combine for a long period so possibly something happened to my vehicle in the meantime.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Lance Irons

Year 10 Day 296 9:08
Ka`rla Leakey

Perhaps you went to the landing bay rather than the vehicle bay within the facility.

Try going to the room labeled as a vehicle bay and clicking your enter button and seeing if it shows up. It will only show up within that one room.

Year 10 Day 296 9:14
Lance Irons


Thanks for the quick reply. I moved around but was unable to locate my vehicle. Any idea why it's not showing up anywhere?

I'm added to the crewlist by the owner of the facility however, I'm not of the same faction. Could that be a problem?


Edited By: Lance Irons on Year 10 Day 296 13:33
Year 10 Day 296 18:16
So long as you are in the facility, you will be able to see any docked entities. You need the Hanger Bay for vehicles, if you haven't already wandered through it.

Another thing, have you checked its location recently? It could be that someone undocked it for you and its sitting outside the facility at the top left corner.