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Archives » Banned by Hal Breden..for Unknown Reason..Can you Unban me now please..^_^
Steve Hawks

hey moderators..

just finished editing one of my posts, as i was reading a topic i started in the suggestion forum.. i was comtemplating editing another thinking what i should write when i chose not to bother so..i hit the back button only to find a message saying i was banned by Hal Breden.

i don't know why.. there was only a message, i think in red, saying to get unbanned i should come here to the problem center..

now could someone tell me, why, please..

he or she isn't just being extra or overly trigger happy, is he/she?!
( i can't wait for the response..)

You were banned for repeating a post in a thread that had previously been deleted and a warning issued.

The ban duration is two weeks, after which it would be a good idea for you to send me a polite DM reminding me to unban you.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 10 Day 296 20:49
Steve Hawks

1] Repeating what post!? In my own Thread!?

2] How can i Repeat a Post in a previously Deleted Thread!? With a Warning issued..!?

3] I have seen none of those things, which you have mentioned..

4] Care to show some Proof of This?

I refer to the binoculars thread.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 10 Day 296 21:18
Steve Hawks

That was no warning.. you telling/ordering me what to do or shut up..
wheres the warning in that!?

Title of the thread is about *Possible uses for the Macro Binoculars*

i made some suggestions about the binoculars since the topic is about the binoculars..
.. i made suggestions about the *possible use* the binocular's, could have.. so what is the point in you deleting that!?

so you deleted my post before and the last one too no doubt..

Steve, Hal is the Parent Mod, the more you argue the longer the ban, I suggest you walk away before you are banned for a month..I have seen him ban months for less.


Indeed. If a mod tells you to desist its not a great idea to keep on going.


Steve Hawks

look, he has not even said to desist, where has he said that..?

2nd i'm disputing his actions b/c he has unfairly banned me..

not b/c i'm trying to get off the hook..he say's, he issued a warning..

what warning, that i would be banned?..

he said "Either reply to the initial post or shut up" on my deleted post.. am i supposed to understand that is how moderators talk to people around here and am i to understand, that, that comment, was a serious warning?

where's the, you will get banned if you do such and such or your doing something wrong can you please stop, nothing of such.. no warning, just a guy that was rude..

i don't see a moderators warning, its more like a personal attack and a rude one at that.. i replied to the threads first post, i was the first to reply to it, about *that* subject, not some other subject and *i gave my opinion on the thread starters suggestion, also*.
so how can that be invalid, at all!?.. yet he felt differently about what i had said and still deleted it...

about roughly maybe a week ago now that happened.. now today a ban for posting in that same thread, with a few idea's about said subject.. 0_o!?

Rude? Yes. But a rude moderator is still a moderator.

The title of the thread is largely irrelevant to the actual topic - in fact we frequently get titles that have nothing to do with the content of the post. A vague afterthought sentence with no contribution to the subject does not make a post on topic. Then the post that you were banned for didn't even have that much.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
I don't think you're rude Hal Breden ayah, and you've obviously got patience and a twisted sense of humour in there somewhere, else I'd have been banned ages back (I've probably just jinxed myself and will go for this post now I said that). I get a giggle sometime, I nearly DM him the other day after I read this closing post of his in this other thread it was magic, I lmao. It was brutal you know, but text-book brutality pulled off almost like art you know, love the stuff.

This one's giving me a giggle too, but I also think you know even being given the opportunity to discuss this kinda thing in public is evidence of Hal's non-rudeness and transparency in the course of his duty. I'm used to "Take it to PMs!", which in one context I have absolutely no problem with, but in the other it lacks a certain ... warmth, I guess. :/

But really Steve Hawks you know you should just forget it. Whether Hal Breden pulls that trigger too quick is irrelevant, he obviously killed the target so may as well just wait for 'respawn' you know. It's just a couple weeks from that suggestions forum and that thing just confuses me anywho you know. You can't win eet Steve Hawks, certainly not here.

But anyhow, as you were =)



The simple deletion of your original post should be enough to make it clear that you shouldn't post the exact same thing again regardless of what Hal wrote, let alone when what he did write indicates that he believes your post to be off topic thus why it was deleted.

It goes without saying that if you ignore a moderators instructions you're going to get banned, just because the word 'warning' wasn't used in the first action taken does not mean it was not a warning not to repeat that action.



Hongvi Dakota is my name

I was also banned due to unknown reasons....I was playing for a month, and then I was banned! Could someone tell me why? I have been banned for a few months now. I would like to start playing again please.

Derrik Thynite

Sin made the Authentication tools which we've been waiting for with the new registration system, so I've cleared out all the new accounts which have shared an IP and have not stated a known multi account.

- Sim News

I'm guessing you've got a multi. Here's the link to the sim news post: