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Year 10 Day 298 4:38
Fenn Cruz

i recently hoped to a faction to build some faction-specific buildings, now i own the slab i was building on, how ever i found i could only build after i granted the faction "build permissions", even though i was building the buildings on my slab.

i would of thought as i was doing the building on my slab, it would automatically grant me permission to build, even though i was having to build for a faction

Is this a bug or a feature?


Year 10 Day 298 4:41
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Probably neither. More like something that was just never implemented because there isn't a pressing need for it.

Year 10 Day 298 6:32
Was it faction-specific facilities you were building?

Year 10 Day 298 8:18
Fenn Cruz



Year 10 Day 298 8:22
That being the case, yes you would need to be in the proper faction-type and possess the proper build-privs therein.

Year 10 Day 298 9:27
Fenn Cruz

thats not what i as asking about, i know i need build permissions from the faction and be in said faction,

What i was talking about was the fact that i had to request permission from the slab owner ( who is me in this case) to be able to build said faction-specific buildings


Year 10 Day 298 9:30
The faction is not the same owner as the slab, so needs to request permission. You wouldn't want anyone from the faction to be able to build automatically on your slab just because you're a member, would you?


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Year 10 Day 298 11:15
Fenn Cruz

true, but then again it is my slab, should i not automatically be allowed to build there?

anyway thank you for establishing thats its not a bug, i'll take this to the suggestion forum after i've worked out a few other things


Year 10 Day 298 12:40
You ARE allowed to build on your slab, but you can't build THEIR buildings without permission.
Think of it like them giving you the blueprints, not unlike a datacard. Just because it is your land and you're in their faction means nothing. Unless you work in the blueprint department and can approve yourself instantly.... you still need to ask the faction for the faction-specific blueprints and have to wait for them to say okay.

Year 10 Day 298 12:52
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Congrats on completely misunderstanding the situation.

The 'problem' isn't that he can't build faction specific facilities. The 'problem' is that he can't build faction specific facilities (which need to be faction owned) on his own slab without specifically okaying it.

Year 10 Day 298 21:04
I ran across this before..the problem was the accept/deny would not show. My slab, faction privs to accept constructions. was a sync issue.


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