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Year 10 Day 299 2:56
im gonna make an account, but nect to the username,, it says the rules about the handle,,,, idont wanna get this wrong,,, so im gonna ask...

is the handle the username or something else?
if it is, then would Undead Assassin be an acceptable username?

Year 10 Day 299 3:48
No, it wouldn't be. Your handle is your character's name.


Year 10 Day 299 3:49
so,,, can i put Undead Assassin as my username?

Year 10 Day 299 3:50
oh, dw, i see now...

Year 10 Day 299 8:50
Devoni Heet

k ive made my account,,, thanks

Year 10 Day 329 8:41
I have tried twice & been rejected because of my handle. I have read the criteria for handles & I still can't get in. What an I doing wrong?

1 have tried: Ghost Dog & Ghostdog Smith



Year 10 Day 329 9:28
First guest, really should of made your own topic. Second, those are not names. Have you ever seen anyone walk down the street greet you, and tell you thats their name? Think more along the lines of a name you wouldn't mind having yourself and telling people that, rather than as a login name for a game. That might put you on a better stead.

Year 10 Day 331 7:51
just following on from other people im waiting for account confirmation email does your username come with that or do you put on for example-Declan Zanno for that field???Many Thanks

Year 10 Day 331 19:49
Your username is your handle, which is your character name. If Declan Zanno is the name you entered, then that is the name you will use to log in when you receive confirmation.