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Archives » Door Installation Problems
Year 10 Day 300 9:37
Declan Carden

So this is getting a bit annoying, in the last 10 attempts I've made trying to upgrade a standard door to a reinforced door I've failed 5 times and lost probably close to 20 HP's! I get the stupid message saying that while I was attempting to install a 'BLAST DOOR' it fell on me! So obviously a problem there. As well just to clarify I have close to a hundred percent to install a reinforced door according to the equation on the rules page. I would have put this in the bugbase but I couldn't find the link. Thanks!

Year 10 Day 300 9:39
That's a problem with the event, nothing else. Since you only have "close to" 100%, you don't have 100% chance of installing the door, thus it can fail (happens to all of us).

The link to the bugbase is at the bottom of the righ-hand menu.


Year 10 Day 300 10:29
We've all hit a string of unlikely failures at one time or another, I think. I made myself feel better by simply installing something on another ship then going back to the one I kept failing and trying again. Needless to say I now have blast doors.


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Year 10 Day 300 17:45
Yeah, and the damage is not so bad, especially when you get up to blast doors where it takes considerably longer to build one and allows you to heal some of it up.


Year 10 Day 301 13:48
Declan Carden

Great, thanks for the feedback guys! :)

Year 11 Day 356 11:21
Ellerion Ironhill

Whoah, i guess i was extremely lucky then, in three attempts i installed and upgraded the door to reinforced. Now i'm in for a blast door attempt...