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Given that -

a. Stormtroopers are an iconic part of the SW universe and,
b. Stormtroopers are represented as NPC's in the Combine and,
c. Are thus 'characters', though 'non-playable' and,
d. They carry names of canon variety (e.g. my stormtrooper's name is TK-119) and,

considering the following two rules for character creation:
5. You may not include any special character or number in your handle.

6. You may not have a handle that does not sound like a name.

and given that the examples for rule #5 include explicitly numerical '0,1...9' numbers as opposed to semantic 'zero, one...nine' numbers, and, there are handles with at least 'Zero' as a name,

and given that Stormtrooper NPC's have 'names', if only of the callsign variety,

my question is this - by the above definitions would Stormtrooper callsigns pass as 'names' beyond the NPC level and become applicable to PC characters?

I cite the examples given for rule #5 to show that the alternative to calling oneself 'TK-119' as a character which would violate the numerical definition of the rule, one could be named 'TK One One Nine'.

Would that be valid? Since Stormtrooper callsigns currently exist as 'names' in the database, is rule #5 meant to be read in the database definition of names (thus including Stormtrooper-style callsigns) or in the OOC common definition of names?

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Personally, I think it would be pushing it. But you never know...




No they would not, call signs are not names they are call signs. Non-cloned Stormtroopers still have names, they are people behind their armour and serial number. You can't choose clone as a race option so they're irrelevant though many also chose names.

TK One One Nine would not be accepted, TK-119 would not be accepted. Anything similar that exists like the use of 'Zero' as a name was either accepted before the rules or a mistake was made in accepting them so they got away with it.


(clearly i've been spending too much time around lawyers reading contracts) Ah, so it's an OOC definition of 'names'. Thank you Ral.

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