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Year 10 Day 303 23:23
General question here, but if the Gand homeworld is a gas giant then why would the race as a whole have a terrain restriction for gas giants? Just curious if I'm missing something or if the "pockets of mist" are only local to their homeworld?

Year 10 Day 304 3:08
It's not a gas giant.


Year 10 Day 304 6:23
Planet: Gand
System: Gand
Sector: Trax
Galactic coordinates: (179, 421)
System coordinates: (2, 8)

Planet type: hot/toxic atmosphere
Planet size: 15 x 15


Gand, with its long, stretching deserts and toxic ammonia atmosphere, is far from a hospitable world to most of the sentients of the galaxy. (etc...)

Not quite sure where you get 'gas giant' from the information given about Gand.

Year 10 Day 304 6:48
From the races page for Gand:
"The Gands are a species of sentient life that has developed in the gases of the planet Gand. Able to survive in the various gases, they require a special breathing apparatus in order to survive in oxygen-based atmospheres. The lungs of the Gand are quite efficient, able to utilize nearly 85 percent of the atmosphere they breathe in with each breath.

The Gand have developed a totalitarian monarchy, and various colonies of Gand live in pockets of mist in the gas giant's atmosphere."

That along with the restriction is what was confusing me. The rules description for the race explicitly states that they live on a gas giant, but the rules page for that same planet has a different description.

Year 10 Day 304 7:21
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

"The rules description for the race explicitly states that they live on a gas giant"

Poor writing. Planet with gaseous atmosphere does not equal gas giant.

Year 10 Day 304 7:41
Yeah, confusing. I've posted a rules update for the race.

Year 10 Day 304 11:28
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Year 11 Day 309 1:18
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Year 11 Day 309 1:58
It depends on the subspecies of Gand. The one in SWC that players can use is not that subspecies.

Year 11 Day 309 13:58
Year old topic.


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