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Year 10 Day 308 18:28
In the last day or two I have lost my NPCs (two brawlers and 1 healer). The brawlers were named Armande Lurechia and Saalia Bolban - I forget the name of the healer. They are no longer in my inventory nor do they show up on the ship that they were hanging out in. What can I do about this? If I can provide more info, please let me know.

Thank you much for your time and attention to this matter.

Year 10 Day 308 18:34
Did you pay their salary last month?


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Year 10 Day 310 9:49
Sorry, haven't been playing for months now. Is salary a new thing? Guess I have some researching to do for new rules. Strange how they didn't quit while I was inactive if this is the case.

Year 10 Day 310 12:19
It was introduced last month. There should have been an event around September 1st, detailing what you needed to pay them, and also your inventory would have displayed the amount owed for each NPC. You have a month to pay them, or they leave.

But I'm sure it will surprise a lot more returning inactives, as well.

Year 10 Day 312 13:33
Thank you for the info.