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Year 10 Day 309 12:29
continuously getting the message session expired while trying to create my character and moving around the site.please help

Year 10 Day 309 17:20
I'll need your handle to help you.

Year 10 Day 309 18:05
my handle is Tensa Zangetsu.

Year 10 Day 309 22:23
Uhh that should be an illegal handle. It should be changed on the basis of being a sword from the anime show Bleach. Sorry man...

The following is given as evidence in the case no one wants to spend 30 secs googlin\' it.


Edited By: Tuural Snist on Year 10 Day 309 22:28
Year 10 Day 309 22:32
If he wants it changed he can - the admins don't force people to change their handles if it breaches them and got through.

Year 10 Day 310 1:11
hey it's all that I could come up with that wasn't taken and I could remember.I've planned to had it changed from the beginning.

Year 10 Day 310 15:30
You should be able to log in properly now. You don't need to get your handle changed, but if you voluntarily choose to, just email assistants@swcombine.com with your current handle, your requested handle, and the reason you feel your handle violates the rules.

Year 10 Day 310 15:44
Oh. I misunderstood the rules then. Alright then.