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Year 10 Day 309 12:29
continuously getting the message session expired while trying to create my character and moving around the site.please help

Year 10 Day 309 17:20
I'll need your handle to help you.

Year 10 Day 309 18:05
my handle is Tensa Zangetsu.

Year 10 Day 309 22:23
Uhh that should be an illegal handle. It should be changed on the basis of being a sword from the anime show Bleach. Sorry man...

The following is given as evidence in the case no one wants to spend 30 secs googlin\' it.


Edited By: Tuural Snist on Year 10 Day 309 22:28
Year 10 Day 309 22:32
If he wants it changed he can - the admins don't force people to change their handles if it breaches them and got through.

Year 10 Day 310 1:11
hey it's all that I could come up with that wasn't taken and I could remember.I've planned to had it changed from the beginning.

Year 10 Day 310 15:30
You should be able to log in properly now. You don't need to get your handle changed, but if you voluntarily choose to, just email with your current handle, your requested handle, and the reason you feel your handle violates the rules.

Year 10 Day 310 15:44
Oh. I misunderstood the rules then. Alright then.