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Archives » In need of a deleted post
Year 10 Day 309 15:30
Hello. I am Oceliane, currently banned for indicating and encouraging players to utilize a loop hole in the custom images system, as stated in the hall of shame.

However, I have a totally different version of the events, based on the fact that Zhao is probably only a feelingless machine, unable to understand the so subtle and particular ability of sentient species: humor.

Here is the location of the thread, containing the deleted post:


The sentence who got me banned was:
If your custom image is refused for offensive material, [Censorship! Don\'t look! It will burn your eyes]. Please remember that it will probably take a little more time than the normal way, having to wait up to the end of your ban time. 

If you could just copy and paste the deleted post here (or send me an e-mail with the offensive post if you don\'t want to be banned), I would be really happy.

(and please, be quick... It would be useless to wait the end of my ban to give me this vital information...)