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Archives » Can\\\'t Submit Custom Image
Year 10 Day 312 9:42
Never mind, saw the thread, below.

Looked but didn't see a thread. When I try to submit an image for a custom ship,
I get this.... "no entityID set". It's red in color. I have submitted a few customs
and I'm doing the same as always. I have even used ID# and the number.

Thanks, Stratiotes

Edited By: Und Stratiotes on Year 10 Day 312 9:51
Year 10 Day 312 17:05
I had this problem 2 years ago, when I spawned 2 ships..the DB only saw one, but I had 2 in my inventory..long story short..it was a bug..means the ID number doesn't exsist in the DB as the right code..go to the bug base and report it with the ship ID#.

Year 10 Day 313 18:00
Ignore Skeltsco. Its a bug caused by the recent update to the coding of SWC. There is already a bug report for this problem I believe and will be fixed as soon as they can.