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Year 10 Day 313 6:49
I got about 3 days ago 3 thing in my inventory. Belt, worker suit, and a staff.

Now, message:

Please drop the following two items as they are not yours. Failure to do so will result in your arrest and execution:

David Johnsson has unassigned you as carrier of the following 1 item:
- Staff Skumja Jx\'s #104 (ID# 685621)

Thank You


I'm scared. :(

Year 10 Day 313 8:23
It really sounds like some idiot forgot he left his stuff lying around, and is trying to freak you out. I mean, you're talking about 6k worth of stuff that can be bought at any NPC shop.

He's probably not capable of carrying out his threat, and even if he is it's not exactly worth the time and effort for him to try. A smart person would have asked nicely instead of making idle threats.

Join a faction, get picked up, stay on your assigned ship, and don't worry about it.

Year 10 Day 313 20:59
William Clark

Edit: crap sorry

Anyway don't worry about it, the guy would need A/E privs to kill someone and that fact is all that stuff is cheap but just to be nice,drop the stuff.

Edited By: William Clark on Year 10 Day 313 21:01
Year 10 Day 315 0:08
If you bought the items from an NPC shop and you are still in the area you might go back and see if your items are lying on the floor. You can drop his and pick up your own. The bad thing about having items owned by someone else is that it will give then some basic information on your location to them.
But honestly like the others said this sounds like an empty threat.