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Year 10 Day 315 7:55
Silens Nex

I have exchanged custom item for CPs not long ago, it has appeared in my inventory but it didn't spawn on my location (I am in a fighter) and there is no galactic position in "Manage owned items". Also no CPs were charged for it yet.
Any idea what is wrong?


Year 10 Day 315 7:58
Ive had the same problem and bug-based it.

Year 10 Day 315 8:19
From Kyria's experience it means that the art-team hasn't yet had the chance to review it, or they missed it. if you DM one of them with the Item ID that will help them find it and approve it.

Kyria had the problem with one of her custom items, she just let an art-team member she knew know about it and 48 hours later it was looked over, and luckily approved.

Year 10 Day 315 8:59
Yeah, as Kyria said. the Custom items are automatically spawned, not like custom images which need to be approved first. However, these items are not spawned at your location until the art team have actually approved them, whereupon they will spawn.

Probably need to update the rules if its not on there already.

Year 10 Day 315 9:04
Silens Nex

Oh, thanks. I'll just write the art team then:)

Year 10 Day 315 9:40
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