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Year 10 Day 315 10:03
Carrying on from another persons thread on this subject;

About a week ago I submitted a request for a custom item, expecting a personal event to appear afterwards like when submitting custom images. Item appeared in inventory as normal, but no personal event.

I just wonder if there is a problem given that SWC was playing up at the time I tried to submit it, or whether there just isnt supposed to be any notification/event when custom item requests are submitted.

Year 10 Day 315 10:34
The item needs approval from the admins in charge, before it's officially in your inventory. What with the issues generated by the recent update, you'll have to be patient until someone can handle your item request.

Year 10 Day 315 10:43
So even without an event to say I have submitted a request, it has probably gone through to await approval/rejection anyway? (waiting isnt an issue, Im just wondering if I did this right).

Year 10 Day 315 18:13
Yeah. The custom items are a bit wierd.

Year 10 Day 316 1:43
Ok I see. Thanks for clearing this up for me.