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Year 10 Day 315 11:05
Hanz Lightbringer

I try to sublight to a planet in a system, but I get to the "entering atmosphere" picture, with only stars showing. The time is correct, but will I end in orbit or in the atmosphere?

Year 10 Day 315 11:16
Ka`rla Leakey

You will be pleased to hear, having just had the same that you will end up where you sublighted. The descending to atmosphere picture is just a bug.

Year 10 Day 316 5:22
There's also another bug with only receiving 5 instead of 19xp...

Year 10 Day 316 6:33
oh good, ... same thing here. Glad to know I'm not stuck in some loop.

Year 10 Day 316 8:51
Ka`rla Leakey

Bugbase it maybe?

Year 10 Day 316 9:20
other than the 'reaching atmosphere' thing ... I kind'a like it. It is what it would look like flying through a system - just stars.

Year 10 Day 316 11:55
If they could add the pictures of the ship you cross, that would be perfect.

Year 10 Day 316 12:52
Hanz Lightbringer


Year 10 Day 317 4:00
I bugged mine too, separately... but I think it has something to do with this. Woohoo of being robbed of 14xp per 90 minutes...