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Year 10 Day 316 0:09
Temi Sega

It seems that I cannot change my email on here, it just goes back to the previous one when I press change.

Year 10 Day 316 0:22
Bug perhaps?

If not are you sure you are entering both fields correctly?

Edited By: Tuural Snist on Year 10 Day 316 20:04
Year 10 Day 316 0:27
Temi Sega

What do you mean by both fields?
As isn't there only one?

Edited By: Temi Sega on Year 10 Day 316 0:30
Year 10 Day 316 11:09
William Clark

there's only 1 field and I tried it out today, didn't work ..

Year 10 Day 316 11:39
Temi Sega

OK so it is a bug!

Year 10 Day 316 13:19
My mistake. Checked just now and there is only one field. Now if you will excuse me....

*walks over to the wall and begins smashing his head against itl*

Year 10 Day 324 13:22
Hmmm... Did some admin take notice of that? I also tried to change my email, and it still does not work.

EDIT: there are entries in the bug database, so let's hope they fix it one day :)

EDIT: bug database says it will be fixed with the next sync.

Edited By: Rick Alano on Year 10 Day 325 12:00