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Archives » Can you get inactive players to move?
Cos I have this ETA-2 with a wookiee inside who has been inactive. I know I can kick him off the ship, but if you add him to your party, will he automatically follow you around?

Ka`rla Leakey

You can only join his party and not get him to join yours.

is there another way to make an inactive player move?

get A/E privs, if you are in NR, have one of your CO's to do it.

Yes, you can get inactive players to move, by being in your party, simply be arresting them.

how would u arrest them when they are on a 1 passenger ship

Kick them out, then arrest them outside.

But how do you get on the ship to kick them out, i think that what hes asking.

Umbeck Traxer

No, he said he knows you can kick him off which implies he knows HOW to kick off, he just wanted to make sure he can get the character to follow him if he does kick, which the answer is yes if via arrest..

Lon, when you have access to a ship, generally there is a Kick Passenger button under the Enter button. Depending on conditions you can kick a random NPC, then PC out of the entity so there is room for you to enter.

You may have to be assigned for it to work (or be owner) - never really had to use it.