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Year 10 Day 317 2:13
...from my ship.

I can't kick one NPC from my own ship where I'm the owner. I can't move it and I can't arrest it. The NPC is not controlled by myself, I'm not a supervisor.

The kick button into the room menu is linked with hail... how I can get out this NPC from my ship?

Year 10 Day 317 8:50
Silly question - are you on the ground on a planet or docked inside a ship/station? If not I don't think kicking them will do anything as there is nowhere for them to go. If it should then its a bug and needs to be reported on the bug base.

Year 10 Day 317 13:46
Ka`rla Leakey

have you tried the kick all button as that tends to solve most ailments. You will just need to reload your own NPC's afterwards though.

Year 10 Day 318 0:36
I don't know what is silly at this question, I'm into my ship, landed at surface and there is enough place for the NPC. A other (who are at my party) stands at this ground.

The kick all button is the same problem as the kick button. Some other suggestions?

Where I found the bug base?

Year 10 Day 318 1:50
The bug base is linked at the very bottom of the sidebar in all of them.

Year 10 Day 319 9:41
It looks like a main problem with the kick buttons (kick a passenger from the ship).

Bug-reports are sending.

Thanks for help everyone.