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Year 10 Day 318 10:35
How I buy stuff from NPCs? Press "Talk" or "Scan", or view my inventory. I'm confused.

I'm noob.

Year 10 Day 318 11:13
You can buy items from an NPC in a shop by selecting talk, and following the correct options while conversing. Once you have bought the items they will appear on the ground so you will need to select the 'items' tab to see them.

Year 10 Day 318 14:13
To be more precise, you can't buy items from just any NPC. You specifically have to be in an NPC Shop facility, and that is where you find the shopkeeper that Breske explained.

Year 10 Day 318 17:55
However, I think talking to NPCs is bugged at the moment, so its possible that you will be unable to do that at the moment.

Year 10 Day 341 17:57
I tried a few times to buy items, but there is nothing on the floor but other items (not theones I wanted)

Year 10 Day 341 18:15
Seems there is a bug with items spawning - making keycards also doesn't have them being created on the ground. I'm guessing its linked to that.

Year 10 Day 341 23:59
You would be correct.