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Archives » Governments Dont have Factories or shipyards????
Rayos Saree

If someone can explain, why are Government Factions not given the ability to have a small shipyard or a factory? If i was leader of a Medical Faction that somehow became a Government. Well that all great but i still have to depend on some form of Shipbuilding faction to produce my ships for me. To me it doesnt make sense.

This might belong in the suggestions forum, but its more of a question and this might fall under the restricted topic of Merged Faction Types.

Because the government doesn't make the ships, vehicles, or weapons. In canon, KDY, BlasTech, SoroSuub, SFS, etc made them for the Empire.

In Real Life, the various governments don't make their own gear either. Boeing, Colt, etc are used.

Goverments no longer have the abilities to act as a production faction. So now you must rely on other non-Gov'd factions to produce your items.

Zeke Topanga

Like the Imperial Union, Falleen Federation, Soyak Rainer Enterprises. On (or more) government faction with medical faction, items, weapons, ships, ect. They all rely on each other to be successful.

I <3 KDY :)