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Year 10 Day 318 15:39
Jerris Dronos

What are the rules about registered Multi-Accounts?
Can a registered multi have both characters in one faction?

Ex: Character A = Triumvirate Coalition, Character B = Triumvirate Coalition?

Is this against the rules or not? I looked everywhere, but couldn't fine the answer.

Year 10 Day 318 15:55
Players who are sharing a connection are no longer restricted to the same faction or freelance, and may join any faction they desire.

- Rules, under character creation

Fingers crossed this is up to date.

Year 10 Day 318 16:44
Yep, it's fine. It used to be that registered multis had to be in the same faction. Now there are no restrictions on that so they can be in the same or in different factions.

Year 10 Day 319 0:35
Zeke Topanga

Yep, me and my brother were in the same faction for months.

Year 10 Day 319 10:18
This is weird, In other online games I play a multi-account is when One person has multiple accounts, Other games often call this "Same computer usage" :)

Year 10 Day 319 12:05
That is true, but in this game, you are allowed only one account per player. Most MMORPGs I play don't even allow shared IPs for their games. but when you pay 30/month I can agree on it. So the question was answered, anything else use DMs.

Year 10 Day 320 10:20
Jerris Dronos

Thanks everyone. However, I have another question.

What are the weights and volumes of Meleenium and Rudic?

I can't find the answer anywhere... Could you please help me?

Year 10 Day 320 10:24

Edited By: Yoshi Hikaru on Year 10 Day 320 10:24
Year 10 Day 320 10:35
Jerris Dronos

Thank you very much! :)

Year 10 Day 324 22:17
That was two quick questions, BTW...