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Archives » University IP and Surname
Year 10 Day 318 18:44
I'm only posting here becuase its been a couple days since I began emailing multi and accounts about it.

I mailed to ask to double check my university's IP's are listed under my multi status, due to several people becoming interested in the game I play. There may be confusion on the IP address becuase I don't live on campus so the IP will register as many many different ones.

Also about naming. We run into problems with Chiss becuase the surname is the first name not the last and there are only so many known third name's known for the chiss that we begin running into problems. anyways I have a friend trying to register and I haven't gotten a response back from accounts yet.

Year 10 Day 318 19:21
Generally university IP addresses can be determined so that you don't need to register as multis. Unless, of course, you're also going to be logging in from each other's houses or something.