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Archives » concerning sublight travels
Year 10 Day 319 13:24
Jenkstill Asdrubalino

guys, I believe it's a bug.
I've set the sublight travel to a planet.
but now it's showing as if I'm entering the atmosphere of n/a.
keep in mind that it still shows that the travel will take 1h48m

Year 10 Day 319 13:33
It seems like a bug..because I "could" land on the planet from the edge of the sector, which would normally in sublite take 2 hrs to get to the planet first.

Year 10 Day 319 13:43
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It would be really great if people would check the bug tracker before making posts..

Yes, the display is broken, no this doesn't affect your actual travel destination. Also, experience awarded is also broken.

Year 10 Day 319 14:24
Zero Turner

Least it's a bit entertaining though it freaked me out when I first saw the bug. But as previously stated it is a reported bug.

Year 10 Day 319 15:37
yes, I reported it before I posted.