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Year 10 Day 320 12:31
My status is now unconscious, HP -1/22. Still, when I go to change my CP-points to stuff, it says "You cant exchange your CP when you are dead, arrested or have no character.

Then I explore this stuff and go to 'facility construction': You cant build, you are dead.

I'm dead? :O

Year 10 Day 320 14:17
Check your events..but it looks like you are dead. Go to the char creation screen, if it gives the you must wait xxx days..then you are dead.

Year 10 Day 320 17:09
According to the rules, you are not dead until you reach -10 HP. So you must be Unconscious. I beleive you need medical help to get up to 0 before you can start regaining HP.

Year 10 Day 321 11:58
Rayos Saree

Hey, didnt you post about a person threatening you before? This doesnt make any sense since combat isnt involved, if you fight a brawler you can only go down to 1 hp and anything else kills you instantly. Its probably a bug.

Year 10 Day 321 12:10
Cyrus Braveheart

Or enough failed door attempts can knock you out but will never be fatal.

Year 10 Day 322 10:17
Heart attack, I think - Or youv not played since year 8 and your character has been in a coma :)

Year 10 Day 322 16:43
Failed door attempts, or being in a hostile atmosphere planet [outside of a city] without adequate protection would currently cause unconciousness

So I guess, what were you last doing and where?

Year 10 Day 322 17:52
I think doors only take you down to 1HP, not below that.

Year 10 Day 322 18:55
William Clark

Just wait for a day or should regain enough health to move around.

Year 10 Day 322 19:23
If he's unconscious, he won't regenerate.

Were you a passenger in a capital ship when it happened? It may have been sunned and you dropped unconscious. You need to get somebody to give you medical attention. Try contacting a medical faction.

Year 10 Day 325 8:15
He's walking around on Tatooine w/o protection. He started another thread about this

Year 10 Day 325 16:25
I'm dead? :O

- David Johnson

Just a thought:
If this is a result of the atmospheric damage you suffered, and were unable to move to a safe location in time (what with the combine going down so often these past few days) I would be inclined to ask admin if they'd consider lending some assistance. That is of course assuming that the server was genuinely down while you were subject to damage.

Year 10 Day 325 16:29
Give me your coordinates, drop your resistance to A/E, and i'll come pick you up and move you.

For free!

And because I love Jawas I, on scouts honor, promise not to take your ear off.