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Year 10 Day 320 16:01
Does Sw Combine have issues with safari? Because I cannot log on at all... tried changing my password, everything. I can log on with firefox, but I Really hate firefox, slower than dirt. Please let me know if there is any way to make it work with safari. My handle is Iblis Drax, My email is iblisdrax@hotmail.com

thank you

Year 10 Day 322 6:56
I am currently using Safari 4, works perfectly fine. So it isn't safari that's you problem.

Year 10 Day 323 6:22
Then perhaps an admin could take a look at it? Contact information is in above post. Thank you


Year 10 Day 323 13:29
If it's on your end, no, they can't look at it. Considering we have people who use Safari or Safari-based clients... Yeah, it's all on you.

Then again, if you're claiming that Firefox is "slower than dirt" I'd say you do have some sort of "computer" problem.

Year 10 Day 323 18:26
Is there a setting in safari , say with the cookies , that could be mucking things up?

Year 10 Day 325 18:54
I'm unsure about settings, though when I run into problems, resetting safari usually clears things up (empties cache, removes cookies etc..).