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Archives » What determines the credit value of items?
Unlike vehicles, ships, facilities etc. items do not seem to be worth twice the estimated RM value when seen in your total capital page. Based on my calculation the credit value of items rounds to 28.6% of the estimated RM price... anybody concur? I looked at a few items (with the exception of custom items) individually in my inventory and went with the average, will post if necessary.

The value of anything is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Entirely subjective, and driven by the laws of supply and demand. What more can be said...

Grav, he's talking about the DB (server) value.

Dayyn, you did remember to factor in the batch number, didn't you?

He's taking about value in regards to the database value when calculating total faction assets, not how much stuff costs on the open market.

Edited By: Mephiston Leonatos on Year 10 Day 320 19:38
Oh, right you are Hal. Now I know where I went wrong, so the equation is (estimated RM price x 2)/batch quantity. It makes sense.

Sorry, my misunderstanding...

Dayyn, same willl go for droids as well.