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Year 10 Day 321 6:49
So, I have a crap load of items, but I can't see the, I must be blind. In my inventory they are there, at my feet, but in 'position mode' I cannot see them. They must have a stealth of 6 or greater all of a sudden.

I also must be hallucinating - I see a T-wing docked in my YT-2000. I went with this dream and am now flying it across a system to another ship of mine.

Anyone else enjoying a Dream State with me?

Year 10 Day 321 12:19
Ok, now i'm lost in the twilight zone and it seems I'm the only one. I am stuck between two ships that I can go onto fly around, yet never get away from the other ship, it is always there. Can't go onto any other ships that are in the area, right next to me, no space stations either.

Year 10 Day 321 21:48
Zero Turner

Some of the items are in a "location" but don't appear. It's a reported bug. Though a bug report on the T-Wing in the YT-2000 would be a good idea.

Year 10 Day 322 7:04
I think the Ryll wore off - everything is fine now. ... it was quite a trip though while it lasted.

Year 10 Day 322 19:23
I have a similar issue with keycards, I crafted them, my inventory says they're there, I'm not on ryll, but they're not there on the position page.

Year 10 Day 322 19:39
Phillip please try and keep up - there are many threads and bug base reports on the keycard issue already.

Year 10 Day 326 15:42
Well I have similar problem with one of my vehicles (a senate shuttle bus) and a bulk freighter. The vehicle I own. It is in my inventory but I can't enter the vehicle and don't see it when I scan for it. The vehicle was supposed to by docked in the bulk. But when I move in the bulk the vehicle and bulk has the same coord. Tried everything Would like some help with this problem.

Edited By: Kuro Lee on Year 10 Day 326 15:55