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Year 10 Day 322 11:30
If I 'fire' a Non projectile weapon lets say a 'vibroaxe' at someone in my square, how long will it take to hit?

The rules say:
The speed of an NPW weapon is given by: (6 * Fire Delay) / (Dexterity + 1)

So if the fire delay of the NPW = 6
My Dexterity = 2
Does this mean that the weapon will hit after (6 * 6) / (1 + 1) = 36 /2 = 18 hours?

Year 10 Day 322 11:33
Cesodevo Avina

No, it will hit directly. The fire delay merely means that it takes 6 hours until you can use the weapon again.

Edited By: Cesodevo Avina on Year 10 Day 322 11:34
Year 10 Day 322 11:34
Ermm, Your dexterity is 2 you said

So Its (6 * 6) / (2 + 1) = 36 /3 = 12 hours, and A vibroblades fire delay is only 4 hours so it is

(6 * 4) / (2 + 1) = 36 /2 = 8 hours :)

Your calculations were fairly far off :)

Edited By: Zon Trennick on Year 10 Day 322 11:37
Year 10 Day 322 11:38
Cesodevo Avina

NPWs have a fire delay because all weapons have a fire delay. Consider it the time you need to pull back your arm and then take a swing.

Keep in mind that combat is not implemented, so any deeper inquiries or theories may be hypothetical at best.

Year 10 Day 322 11:57
4 hours to bring your arm back and lunge again?

I this should be changed when comb*t comes out

Year 10 Day 322 13:29
It's delayed realtime to allow people to respond if they're not logged in when attacked. If someone can hit you every 5 minutes, then if you go to bed an hour before they attack you, you're going to be dead long before you wake up.

Year 10 Day 322 16:07
Thats the realism of it all, If your character sleeps hes gonna die :)

Year 10 Day 322 18:05
Cyrus Braveheart

Thats the realism of it all, If your character sleeps hes gonna die :) 

I would assume if your asleep then hit with an ax and not killed you would wake up.

Year 10 Day 323 3:00
Well yeah, But would you wake up and find your enemy sitting with a cup of coffee and a timer coming down from 4 hours, or would you wake up and find the axe flying at you again?

Year 10 Day 323 3:14
And you have the same exact fire delay. It's to give everyone a realistic ability to react. To everything.

Year 10 Day 323 5:53
Will there be no such thing as a 1 hit kill then?

The chances of a sleeping man surviving being attacked with a vibroaxe aren't good, I wouldn't think :)

Year 10 Day 323 8:07
If they are sufficiently weakened or otherwise low on HP, and your weapon does sufficiently high damage, yes it would be possible to kill them in one hit.

Year 10 Day 323 10:53
Sniper rifle + no target armour + low level, no race-multiplier character = one shot kill.

Year 10 Day 324 13:53
Realism is not the name of the game.

Combat discussions are purely hypothetical.

There is no 'sleep' in the game, only 'time delay.'