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Year 10 Day 322 14:39
I have a crafting kit and have over the last weeks made a number of key-cards. I can see the key-cards in my inventory but I can not see them in the room. So the question is. Is there anybody there knows where the key cards-spawn when they are created? When I look in the inventory the position just say stored in ship. Nothing about what room!

Hope somebody will help me because I am leaving the ship soon and I would like to bring my new key-cards.

Year 10 Day 322 14:47
It's a bug and has been reported. Patience until it's fixed.

Year 10 Day 322 14:50
Ok was not sure if it was me or a bug. Thanks

Year 11 Day 129 6:01
Some of my keycards are presumably floating in space in the [0,0] galactic position. My guess would be there is a bunch of stuff besides the keycards at this position, someone just needs to get there in a survival suit.

Year 11 Day 129 20:54
Ah thought Coruscant was at [0, 0]

Year 11 Day 129 23:59
Nope - check the map again. Eidola (I believe) has a station at the exact center of the galaxy, or as near as you can get with our even numbered system grids.

Year 11 Day 130 0:01
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Coruscant is 0, 0 on the imperial maps in canon.

Year 11 Day 130 14:12
That's why ah thought Coruscant was at the center

Didn't even the Rebs use the Imp maps?