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Year 10 Day 322 20:09
Keomilan Zaxor

I have a registered multi account and i forgot my password of the other and I cant reset it but every 24th, please help

Year 10 Day 322 20:22
You can only have one account per person. Multi accounts are for when multiple players are using the same internet connection. Not so that one person can have two or more accounts.

Year 10 Day 322 21:18
Another ban I see..

Year 10 Day 322 21:37
Keomilan Zaxor

my sister is the other one i meant that we cant figure it out i have nothin to do with it

Year 10 Day 323 8:10
Can't you just use the forgotten password feature? Or try looking through all your old emails for the last time?

Year 10 Day 323 10:14
Keomilan Zaxor

cant do lost password but every 24th and i deleted the email, and to the person who said to ban me please don't the other one is my sisters

Year 10 Day 323 10:22
Hiyo Rogo

Could you please clarify as to why you cannot use the "Lost Password" feature? Was the email account deleted, or perhaps it cannot be accessed? If the system itself isn't working, it should be bug-based. However, we need to know if the problem is on your end or SWC's end.

Year 10 Day 323 10:44
So you used the Lost Password feature on your other - sorry, your sister's - account, because you (she?) forgot the password. Then you deleted the e-mail that it sent to her address for her account... and you can't simply wait another 24hrs to use Lost Password again so you - sorry, she - can access your other - sorry, her - account.

Does that about cover it?

Year 10 Day 323 12:15
Keomilan Zaxor

funny but i thought it ment only every 24th of the month, and she deleted the email

Year 10 Day 325 16:12
I think Hal summed it up nicely.

I just want to add emphasis to his possible confusion and your upcoming ban:

"I have a registered multi account and i forgot my password of the other"