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Year 10 Day 323 5:45
Rayos Saree

I am in one of those hidden systems but none of the planets are showing up.
Its owned by the correlian transport so there has to be planets there.

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Year 10 Day 323 5:48
Xabia Dimentos

Keep looking, there are hidden planets in some hidden systems.

Edited By: Xabia Dimentos on Year 10 Day 323 5:48
Year 10 Day 323 5:56
Rayos Saree

Thanks Xabia, I knew it was too easy to find planets right away in a system.

Year 10 Day 323 7:19
William Clark

get a ship with 8 sensors, that way its easy to find them..

Year 10 Day 323 8:05
If you find a hidden system (or enter any named system that is) you will be able to see all planets suns etc in it, plus any stations that don't have ECM. If you cannot see any either it is only a deep space system (does it have a name in the co-ords your at?) or there is a bug with the cockpit scanner bit.

Year 10 Day 324 16:31
Rayos Saree

It might have been a bug, but i eventually saw the planets and when i did they were all claimed. :( to that. So much for 3 days in hyperspace lol.

Year 10 Day 324 20:19
Zero Turner

Hidden systems aren't so hidden these days.

Year 10 Day 325 16:21
Hidden systems are known by quite a large group of people and are all most likely claimed. If you bought all the hidden system coords off CPM all it's good for is visiting and sightseeing. You won't find any unclaimed planets.

Year 10 Day 325 16:33
Rayos Saree

I didnt buy the listings. Someone told me the location

Year 10 Day 325 16:41
Then you only wasted time, not money.

Year 10 Day 326 9:56
and in the time you spend, you gained experience ... nothing really lost.

Year 10 Day 326 13:27
Rayos Saree

I am not complaing. 163 xp makes me happy. I guess my last hope is to see if any of these factions are willing to share one of their 13x13 planets. Espicially since they have 3 cities on it.