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Year 10 Day 327 6:03

My Gallo has finished production but something is wrong. The hull, shield and ionic ratings are at zero. Also, I have gone into my ship yard to start production on my next Gallo, but it will not allow me to. It says there is an error.

Anyone know what I need to do?


Pablo Dion

Year 10 Day 327 6:21
There is a problem with production, so the devs have temporarily halted production until its fixed so they don't have an ever increase amount of things they need to fix from that bug.

For the gallo that is finished, make a bug base report.

Year 10 Day 327 8:01
I have signed up to the bug base and reported the issue. What happens now? Do I just wait for the people to fix the bug..or do they delete my ship and spawn a new one that has no error?

Year 10 Day 327 15:39
Xeon Cartagho

wait, usually if an admin is on the case you should get an email notification

Year 10 Day 327 16:07
I hope so. I'm just sat here waiting like an idiot, not sure what to do. I just want my ship to be complete properly so I can start my new ship!

Hopefully the awesome people behind the scenes will be able to sort it out.

Year 10 Day 327 19:17
We are all in the same boat (ship) dude.

Production is not working on an SYs, however those ships that are already being produced seem to be ticking along.

Trust the admins, the bugs are usually fixed quite quickly.

Year 10 Day 328 7:22
Thanks for that Chopper. When they fix the bug, is it likely that my ship with zero for stats will stay the same? Or will it be converted to a working ship?

Year 10 Day 328 20:18
Working ship I would imagine .... that seems to be the appropriate compensation for the wait?

I guess u just wait and see if its fixed when we get the sim post that ship production is back. If its not fixed after that, then report it as a bug and it will get fixed that way.

There seems to be an echo in this thread !!!

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