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Year 10 Day 336 7:55
Hey after the combine came back up it seemed as though was moving away from where I was going in system so I aborted and started the travel over and now time doesn't decrease at all. Is this a bug created by a change? I know of one other player having the same problem.

Year 10 Day 336 8:06
Travel is off right now while work is being done on the server

Year 10 Day 337 18:50
Would you know how long until travel is restored as I also ended far away from my destination and I need to move some ships

Year 10 Day 338 17:46
Kavac La`Cthulhu

Travel in the form of walking between rooms seems to work, so I'd say test with 1 square sublight to see if it works, and one square hyper to see if that works. If it doesn't, then travel's not fixed.

Year 10 Day 338 19:01
Hyper and Sublight are fine. I owuld guess everything is back.

Year 10 Day 340 8:52
Great my account has a bug then because I still can't move