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Year 10 Day 337 8:23
Helena Gladio


i ws hypothetically thinking of hidden cities when i read the rules.

The rules state:
Hidden Cities
Nothing bigger than 3x5 (except for: factory, hospital, mine, training academy, alazhi farm, Command Centre, walls) 

I read that as that you can't build flats then? Since all flats are minimal 5x5?

Hope anyone can help me out. And yes, 1 nice person helped me out on irc, but it was contradictionary to the rules..

Year 10 Day 337 8:27
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

As the rules state. Nothing bigger than 3x5 except for the listed exceptions.

Year 10 Day 337 17:37
There are plenty of flats-providing facils in the 3x5/3x3/1x3/1x1 range.

Year 10 Day 337 17:53
Ya but the only Flats worth getting are 5x5 Flat Buildings.

Year 10 Day 337 17:56
Actually, the 7x7 100-flat skyscraper is the best, it has 12 sensors!

Year 10 Day 339 18:15
Phillip, this is not a thread for you to start comparing the pros and cons of various things in the galaxy.

Casle Elda - Many a build war has hinged upon the construction of tons of 1x3 hotels. 5x5 is just the most convenient form of flats, but a far cry from being the only ones of "worth."