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Year 10 Day 337 11:53
Hello and I apologize if this is discussed somewhere else.
I recently tried to go through a locked door and my key in my belt did not work. So I looked in my belt and it was empty. Concerned I also looked in my backpack and found it also empty. Frantic now I looked in the containers I just picked up for a client and found they also were empty. HELP

Year 10 Day 337 17:36
Check the key's location in your inventory then look in the appropriate place.

Year 10 Day 338 17:49
Hello again,
I am sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I am not sure what happened but everything is back now. The cargo containers are full again and all of my items are back. Perhaps it was all some sort of dream :)
sorry to bother anyone..... and thank you.

Year 10 Day 339 18:13
Hooray! Welcome back to your stuff.

Let's do dinner sometime.