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Year 10 Day 339 18:41
Joruus Fell
Joruus Fell
I\'m about to create my character and assign skill points and was looking at the \"Race\" page and have a couple of questions:

1- What is \"HP Bonus\" and how does it effect your character?
2- What is \"Race multiplier\" and how does it effect your character?

Thanks for helping out a noob!! :-)

Edited By: Joruus Fell on Year 10 Day 339 18:42
Year 10 Day 339 19:03
In the rules page for character creation there should be an equation that links those 2 and tells you what sort of HP value you will get. Basically HP bonus is a fixed value that gets added to your total HP, while the multiplier is something that your HP value is multiplied by to get a final value.

Year 10 Day 339 19:21
Joruus Fell
Joruus Fell
Thank you Ellias!!

I'm a little overwhelmed right now with the complexity of SW Combine and appreciate the help very much.

Year 11 Day 10 20:29
Becal Marv
Becal Marv
I have a second question and it is WHERE DO I GO TO CREATE MY RACE!
Please help me and thanks in advance

Year 11 Day 16 7:08
Joruus Fell
Joruus Fell
Hello Becal Marv,

If you click on your name on the right hand side of the screen under: Information --> General it should take you to the character creation screen.

Towards the top of the character creation screen click on "View character creation" and this will get you started. At this point you can create your character from a list of preset templates - by clicking on "Templates" - or create your character by manually choosing race, allocating skill points, etc.

You can play around with different types of characters and reset at anytime before the very last step so have fun with the process. Just make sure that you do some research into the type of character you want to be so that you assign your skill points properly.

Getting started in SWC was very challenging for me - and I imagine is for most people - so don't get frustrated, it's well worth it in the end.

You can also find help in the "Rules" section under "Character creation".

I've only been in SWC for several weeks so if any vets look at this and find that I've made a mistake with anything that I've said please correct me.