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Year 10 Day 339 19:54
Would it be more beneficial to max out my piloting or computer op skill at the start of the game? Beneficial as in getting a good paying position and a secure future in a faction.

Year 10 Day 340 0:03
Xeon Cartagho

Yes and no

if youre planning to join a mining faction for example, a high computer op is a plus. Likewise if you join a transportation faction, a high Fighter/Freighter piloting is a good thing to have. So plan ahead

Year 10 Day 340 0:07
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

A maxed out computer operations skill is infinitely more useful than a maxed out piloting skill.

As far as a secure future in a faction goes - that's pretty much solely dependent on aspects beyond your character's skill sheet.

Year 10 Day 345 8:54
I would recommend only going up to a 4 in Comp Ops. That 5th point costs a lot and there are many other complementary skills that would be helpful.