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Year 10 Day 340 2:29
I received registration email with password but it doesn't work.
I tried solution posted in sticky topic on firefox and IE but with no effect.
My handle is Adam Lorne

Year 10 Day 340 2:30
What exactly is the problem? Do you receive any error message or does the login page simply refresh?

Edited By: Togan Jano on Year 10 Day 340 2:31
Year 10 Day 340 3:24
"You have entered either the handle or password incorrectly. Please log in again"
And when i'm trying lost password option it says "invalid email"

Year 10 Day 340 3:34
In that case, you're either typing your handle or password incorrectly.

Make sure both fields are empty before you start.
The handle needs all spaces etc. that you've entered when you signed up.
The password is case sensitive. If you copy/paste it, make sure you don't copy any additional whitespaces. If you type it manually, make sure you type it correctly, some fonts display 1 (number one) and l (letter L) similarly.

Year 10 Day 340 3:50
I followed your instructions but still without results

Year 10 Day 340 5:48
Hmm, in that case the reason might be there is no account with the handle "Adam Lorne" ...

Year 10 Day 340 10:18
Ok then I'm making new one, thanks for your time