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Year 10 Day 341 12:51
One of our mines got depleted and the LIN droids that were assigned to the mine are still classified as 'working' I checked the Mine and it is not mining, I cannot arrest the LIN droids, and even kicking them from the mine doesn't clear the 'Working' status. While that status is up I cannot add them to my party to move them off planet.

I couldn't see anything else like this so I am asking here.

Year 10 Day 341 13:09
Ka`rla Leakey

It may not be just droids as i have just started some mines we built and the workers are showing as working as well.

Year 10 Day 341 18:17
There is a bug that prevents things from stopping working. There is fix that should be brought in with the next sync. If they are still bugged after that, head to the bugbase and post there.

Year 10 Day 343 10:56
You have to go to the mine, go to building management, go to "Actions", go to "Add Droids" and unassign them from working.

It's not "working", it's more like "assigned"