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Archives » Ejection Seats for Fighters?
Year 10 Day 343 15:24
With the great Escape Pod future implemented is there any plans on something similar for fighters if you got your Standard Flight Suit on like an Ejection Seat function?

Year 10 Day 343 15:40
Vito Royan

I dont think in the star wars universe, this has ever happened.

Year 10 Day 343 16:10
Sure it has, Mara Jade once ejected from her fighter, I wish I could remember which book it was in though...

EDIT: Also, ejecting was mentioned in the StarWars movies once, I think it was Episode 4, it never actually happened but the fact it was mentioned means it was possible.

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Year 10 Day 343 18:26
Would probably have to wait until the vacuum suits are implemented, but would be cool.

Year 10 Day 343 19:15
Understood, but yes of course there have been several appearances in Star Wars literature during the years, I remember I had to eject from a heavily damaged Y-Wing once in a D6 Star Wars Adventure as player (Hero) I had to spend one force point to improve my chances to escape the burning flames of my heavily damaged Y-Wing but I managed to do so, and I found Ejector seat at Wookieepedia with lots of references to Ejector seats in Star Wars Universe so it appears to me once again that the Gamemaster for that game was all powerful and absolutely right. Not that I take for granted that this future would be implemented to SWC but anyway I thought it was valid to ask about it and maybe hint a suggestion while at it. lol

Amazing enough I have seen it with my own eyes now TIE-fighter pilot in Ejector seat in Empire Strikes Back the Asteroid Field I better send with a You Tube link to back this claim up. Wookieepedia referance 9 checks out watch for yourself.

Link to Ejector seat Wookieepedia:

You Tube Link Asteroid Field Scene 2:12:

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Year 10 Day 343 23:20
I think thats just the pilot tumbling out, as the TIE fighter pilots have vaccum pressure suits on.

Year 10 Day 344 0:54
This is not the suggestions forum, and this discussion is starting to move in that direction.