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Year 10 Day 345 8:26
Ok, I am not sure if this belongs here, and if the admins want to delete this topic, go ahead. But I have a question.

I want to earn CPs, 300,000 to be exact. The problem is, most of the offers don't work, I haveave no money at the moment to donate due to the economy, no credit card as to avoid debt, and I cannot program. I can, hwever, wrtie descriptions and other things like that, but most descriptions seem to be done well already. Is there a quick way anyone can suggest that would allow me to earn that many, and by quick, i mean in a months time or less, or a little longer. any suggesstions welcome, this topic can also help people who have similer questions so as to avoid posting multiple topics about the subject.

Year 10 Day 345 10:25
Vito Royan

Voting every day for a week straight, you get a 1k bonus. Also if you signup and vote for the wg friends site or something like that you get 30 extra cps per vote. Thats really the only way.

Year 10 Day 345 10:55
I was looking at the discriptions, and I noticed that for the ships, it doesn't say what can be docked with what. Like can all fighters be dcked with all capitals, or just certain types? If its the second case, then to earn CPs I will happily write up which ships and vehicles can dock with what, or any other descriptive assignments you guys may have. I

Year 10 Day 345 13:57
Each ship has a weight capacity (shown in tons) and a volume capacity (shown in cubic meters), Any ship that is smaller than both the weight capacity and volume capacity can dock. But only if the ship has a docking bay. The ship's size is also listed in the rules. You can even dock a capital ship in another capital ship if there's enough room.

You can read more about this in the rules page, which in the bar of links on the top of this page.

Year 10 Day 345 18:03
I hear that you can get CP's by posting good RPG in the White Scenarios. As far as getting 300k worth in a month, well let me know if you find out how to besides sending $300.

Year 10 Day 345 19:05
Yeah, getting 300k CPs without donating in a month is nigh on impossible. Joining the banner exchange gives you 5k in a hit, but thats one shot.

Best thing to do is set your sights much lower and play the long game. SWC is not a game for those who want things quickly.

Year 10 Day 346 7:58
Maybe donating is the way to go, I'll just have to save up the money, and get a paypal account.

I was thinking of going through the rules section, and looking at the vehicles and ships and races and seeing if I could make any suggesstions for improvements, or for new ones. It would be done properly though, and it would be cool to have some new equipment and get CPs. If not, then thats fine, I will fine a way to get that Namana though, through any means nesscessary!

Year 10 Day 346 7:59
I wouldn't suggest new entities - you'll get your thread locked, and possibly a ban from the suggestions forum, depending on the mood of the mod at the time.

Year 10 Day 346 8:13
I thought they encouraged new suggesstions, that what it sounds like at times.

Year 10 Day 346 9:34
New suggestions for descriptions, yes. Suggestions for entirely new entities, no. I'm not entirely sure how you meant you original statement, and Ellias seems to have assumed you were talking about suggesting new ships, not new descriptions for ships.

Year 10 Day 346 12:56
I actually meant both, But in terms of descriptions I think everything is prety much done with.

I think its time to end this thread though, as my brother kindly pointed out to me after slapping me in the back of my head, getting CPs quickly can't happen, unless I donat 300 dollars, which I don't have as of present. He kindly reminded me that I am being impatient witht he whole thing, and that need to calm down, and earn it like everyne else does.

I'm sorry if I wasted anyones time or if I annoyed them. I will earn it like how its supposed to be earned, and not keep asking for quick ways to do it, I forgot that and needed a reminder about it. Thaks for reading guys and good luck to everyone in the game.

Year 10 Day 346 15:01
I hear that you can get CP's by posting good RPG in the White Scenarios. 

You gain XP through White Scenarios, not CPs.

Year 10 Day 347 8:07
Troon Kebris

You get CP's in White Scenarios if you run a scenario though. Or has that changed?

Year 10 Day 347 9:31
Ryan Roche

Your best bet to earn CPs, is work for them. If you have any RL skills that can help the Combine (Artistic skills, programming skills, writing skills etc.), you can apply to one of the teams that do volunteer work for the Combine. This gets you CPs from time to time but it only comes with hard work.

What should have been pointed out here and hasn't, is the fact that CPs are not just a way to get you a Namana, presuming that's what you wanted the 300k CPs for. CPs are a way to reward the players who improve and better the Combine. By donating or doing volunteer work, you help to improve the Combine. That's what the CPs are for. SWC is ran entirely by volunteers and the CP system is a nice way to reward those who keep this game going on its feet.

Year 10 Day 347 10:11
I was looking around, and I saw that a lot of the creatures in the game have no descriptions, so I am thinking about starting on that for some of the creatures. But I have come to the conclusion that my main bet is to donate, which I am hoping that when a job will actually hire me then I will be able to donate, since this game requires money to run.

Year 11 Day 11 19:22
Hi, ill write for the combine, im on most of the time unless i find a job. Then i can only work when im off work. My email is mookie3rd@yahoo.com, my combine name is Ben Blaze-qui. Thanks for your time