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Year 10 Day 345 10:44
Geno Krall

Escape Pods allow crew members of a ship to abandon the ship in the event that it comes into harm. Escape Pods can then be piloted towards a planet of the pilots choose. However, once the Escape Pod lands, it can no longer take off. Accessing pods is only possible when the following conditions are met:

* Either the Pilot or Commander allows it from the cockpit. (In the Actions section)
* The Ship or Space Station has been reduced to 50% of either its Ionic or Hull statistic.

- Escape pod rules

Does the sentence highlighted in bold imply that both conditions need to be met, or just one of the two?

Year 10 Day 345 13:54
Just one, if the ship is damaged heavily, the escape pods will automatically be allowed to be accessed. But the pilot can authorize the use of escape pods even when the ship is undamaged.

Year 10 Day 345 19:00
As Philip said.

Year 10 Day 346 5:14
Geno Krall

Many thanks.

Year 10 Day 347 13:05
I assume from the rules that as the repair feature is not currently implemented, if I was to launch my pods I can't replace them (At least not until the repair feature is released), am I correct in this assumption?

Year 10 Day 347 17:35
Yup. Repair is well on its way though :)

Year 10 Day 355 20:17
I want to use escape pods for storage but not sure how to transport them.

Do I need a ship with a tractor beam to grab an escape pod? Or can I pilot the escape pod into any ship?

Year 10 Day 355 22:07
You need a ship that has a Docking Bay. You don't need a tractor beam though as you can enter the pod and fly it into the ship to dock.

Year 11 Day 11 20:44
Anthonious Cali

I hope this question hasnt been asked/answered already but I could not find it with a search.
I am trying to drop a large backpack into an escape pod but I do not even have the option. Seeing as how I just dropped a large backpack on board another ship I take it that the escape pod is not compatible with the large backpack for some reason. Is this a fluke or has it been designed this way. Reason holds that if an escape pod can hold 2 people it can hold a backpack.

Year 11 Day 11 20:51
You need to check the weight/volume capacity of the escape pod. If it (or rather the remaining space) is less than the backpack (or any other item you are trying to drop) then you will not be able to.

Year 11 Day 11 20:58
Anthonious Cali

I see now. The volume cap of an empty escape pod is less than that of a large backpack. This does seem unrealistic though. It is odd that you can wear it into the pod at all. I dont envision two people fitting into a large backpack. Perhaps the volume of an escape pod should be raised up a bit.

Edited By: Anthonious Cali on Year 11 Day 11 21:01
Year 11 Day 11 21:04
Passenger capacity is separate from the cargo capacity. Passenger capacity assumes two fully grown and equipped individuals. Cargo is additional space. What you are suggesting would have cargo taking up passenger space, so that your large backpack would prevent the second person from entering. This is not the way the DB/coding is set up.

Year 11 Day 11 23:48
Plus the size of items are ridiculous. The large backpacks in SWC are several meters cubed - about the size of a car or something.